Top tips: Instagram stories and how to use them effectively!



Instagram is an extremely effective way to gain an audience. Whether you are creating music or promoting a podcast, Instagram stories can help you keep your audience engaged and reach out to new audiences too.


Below are our 5 top tips on how to use Instagram stories in the best way possible so you can reach your creative goals!


Tip 1: Always have a story present.

Ensuring that you always have a story present asserts your social media presence and will encourage your audience to keep checking your page for the latest updates. It will also allow audiences more opportunities to share your stories with their friends and therefore push your profile to gain more views and followers.


Tip 2: Post a variation of content.

Keep your content varied to ensure your audience doesn’t get bored. This also ensures that you are reaching out to all members of your audience; different audience members will enjoy different types of stories, so keep it varied to ensure you are appealing to everyone.


Tip 3: Utilise Instagram features.

A great way to keep your audience engaged is to use the fun tools that Instagram provide! This includes things like polls, reels, and quizzes. By including these things on your stories, you are encouraging your audience to physically engage with your profile and therefore your brand and creative outputs.


Tip 4: Use trending sounds.

Following on from using Instagram features, using reels is great way to create fun and engaging content for your audiences, and you can then post them to your Instagram story for people to enjoy! Our top tip for using reels is to use sounds that are current and trending. If audiences are enjoying a sound or a song and you use that as the backing track for a reel, they are more likely to keep watching and engage with your Instagram profile and content.


Tip 5: Be creative!

Our final tip for using Instagram stories is, be creative and have fun with it! Try to be constantly thinking of new and exciting ways to promote your creative output. Audiences can sometimes get bored of seeing the same types of media, so make sure the media and content you are putting out is original and will keep them engaged.