5 Tips to Starting a Podcast

Whether you are a specialist on a subject or a newbie trying to navigate your way through the podcasting world, there is always room for another podcast. Not only are podcasts accessible but they offer relatable and educational content to audiences. If you have been looking to begin your own podcast but are unsure where to start, then look no further. We have come up with our 5 top tips to starting a podcast to help you on your way! 




Step 1: Find your niche!


With there being such a wealth of different podcasts out there nowadays, it can be hard to find a unique topic to talk about. Make sure you find something exciting to talk about that is different to every other podcast out there.


If you are struggling to find a unique topic, then go with something you are comfortable with but put your own personal spin on it. Most importantly, make sure the topic is something you are passionate about, you are going to talk about it a lot!





Step 2: Pick a catchy name and an impressive cover photo.


Remember to stand out from the crowd. Try to pick a name that is descriptive enough so your audience understands what your podcast will be about but clever and witty enough to draw people in. 


You want your cover photo to be bold and eye-catching. Will you feature in the cover photo, or will you choose a picture that represents your podcast well? The cover photo is usually the first thing audiences look at, so make sure to use colour and ensure that it stands out. 





Step 3: Plan. 


You may think that all a podcast involves is getting in front of the mic and talking, but for a successful podcast you need to plan your episodes. Make sure you know how long each episode will be, what day they will be released to the public and what topic each episode will be focussed on. By planning all these things, you are ensuring that the recording process will be a lot smoother than if you didn’t, and this will reflect greatly in the outcome of the podcast. 


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!





Step 4: Find good quality equipment. 


After all the planning stages, you will want to find good quality equipment to record your podcast. This ensures that the sound quality will be of a high standard and will encourage people to listen, no one likes bad sound quality in their headphones!


Thankfully, All Nighter Studios have your back when it comes to equipment. We have podcast recording spaces for up to 6 people where you can use state of the art recording equipment to turn your podcast plans into reality. Make sure to check out the ‘Book A Room’ section of our website for more info!





Step 5: Have fun and promote yourself!


Promotion is also a big factor into creating a successful podcast. How will your audience know that you have released an episode to your podcast if you don’t post about it for the world to see? This may seem daunting, and it can be very easy to get caught up in what other people might think, but remember to back yourself and promote, promote, promote! 


Once your plans, recording space and promotion is all set, remember to have fun whilst creating your podcast. When podcasters are passionate about what they are talking about, it inspires other people’s passions too and, ultimately, will be the thing that encourages your listeners to come back and listen to future episodes.