Album, EP or Single: How Should New Artists Release Music

Getting your music out there for the first time is a massive step for any new artist. However, it is more complex than just dropping what you have online. If you can release music well, you can build hype around your work and reach a wider audience. 


The first step in this process is to decide whether you should drop an album, EP, or single. Whichever you choose is based entirely on your circumstances and where you are in your musical journey. This blog will help you by explaining the pros and cons of each option and how recording at All Nighter Studios will ensure your release will grab hold of your listeners’ ears.





Albums are the port of call for more experienced artists who want space for expression and to tell their stories. This is an opportunity to put together a cohesive body of work and give people the opportunity to understand you as an artist. The hard work of an album also comes with increased potential for revenue through album sales or streaming.


However, an album is a serious undertaking that may be a step too far for novice artists. Most artists don’t release an album until they have a few solid singles or EPs under their belt. Albums are also starting to offer diminishing returns. Many listeners now lack the attention span to commit to an album, especially albums created by new artists.


EPs and Mixtapes


In the modern age, you might be better off creating an EP if you want to balance having the creative space with offering palatable music for listeners. Consisting of a few tracks rather than several, EPs are cost and time-effective ways to reach your audiences. It is also common for artists to collaborate with others while creating EPs, so it could be a great opportunity to expand the types of music you are making by working with other artists.


Still, all artists need to be aware of the downsides to creating mixtapes and EPs. Mixtapes began as a way for artists to build a buzz around them by giving away music for free. But this can be too expensive for new artists. Even in the age of streaming, where releasing an EP is cost-effective, you may struggle to gain mainstream appeal.




Singles are the most accessible form of music for both listeners and artists. They are easy to create and require a small time commitment from the audience. The speed at which they can be created also allows you to create singles that keep up with the latest trends in the industry.


The main downside to singles is that they have a short shelf life. In the age of streaming, people can love your single today but have forgotten about it tomorrow. It is up to artists to keep ahead of the curve.


Recording at All Nighter Studios


Whatever type of release you choose, it won’t get far if it isn’t recorded to a high standard that allows your talent to shine. All Nighter Studios should be your first choice for affordable studio time so you can make the best possible music on a budget.


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