London’s Most Iconic Music Studios

As a new artist in London, you are lucky to find yourself in a music scene that has produced the best tracks and albums ever made. The bedrock of this scene is the iconic music studios where artists lay down their work. Discover the most iconic music studios in London, and learn how you can use these All Nighter Studios to advance your career towards recording at these venues.


Abbey Road Studios


London hosts, without a doubt, the most famous music studio: Abbey Road. It was built in a Victorian-era house and was bought by companies that later became Electric and Musical Industries (EMI) in 1931. This studio was made famous by The Beatles, who recorded infamous albums like Abbey Road, The White Album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and much more. Other iconic bands like Pink Floyd, Oasis, and Depeche Mode have also laid down tracks here.


But Abbey Road isn’t just a studio for the classics. Amongst the artists who have performed, there are also more modern outfits, including Florence + The Machine, Frank Ocean, and Kanye West.


AIR Studios


This is another music studio whose infamy is connected to The Beatles. It opened in 1970 after Beatles’ producer George Martin was dissatisfied that he was still just receiving his normal weekly salary despite the success of the tracks he was producing. 


Martin got together with a cast of top-quality producers to form Associated Independent Records (AIR), who wanted to be paid royalties rather than a base salary. They created AIR Studios to operate out of which has been operating ever since. 


A similarly famous lineup of artists has performed at AIR Studios, including Dire Straits, The Police, Elton John, and Rolling Stones.


SARM Studios


SARM Studios has one of the most iconic locations for a music studio. You can find it inside an old church in Notting Hill. It was originally built as SARM West Studios for Island Records. However, it is now run independently. 


This history has led to a hugely diverse array of artists having graced the stages at SARM. This includes the most famous Island Record artists, like Bob Marley, King Crimson, and Cat Stevens. However, since it has become independent, non-Island Records artists like Iron Maiden, The Clash, and even Rihanna have laid down tracks in this church. The most famous track recorded at SARM has to be Queen’s “We Are the Champions.”


All Nighter Studios


SARM, AIR, and Abbey Road studios are all steeped in history. The artists that have created tracks in these venues give them legendary status. However, new music studios are popping up all over London, which are helping artists that can’t yet perform at the most famous studios the notoriety they need.


At the front of the pack is All Nighter Studios, a self-service creative space that runs 24 hours a day. This venue is perfect for new artists, as rooms can be booked from as little as £1/h, and we have all the equipment you need to lay down your first single. 


All Nighter Studios has just celebrated its first-year anniversary, and many artists who worked with us in our first year are already doing great things. Will you be next?