Celebrate Black History Month with DJ Teeshow

DJ Teeshow, Capital Xtra’s Mr. Friday Nights, takes us on a musical journey with a playlist celebrating the influential legacy of Black culture, making for an entertaining and thought-provoking listen.


Along with his Friday night show on Capital Xtra, DJ Teeshow is known as one of the world’s most exciting international DJs. He has played in Houston, Nigeria, Ibiza, and Malia, to name a few. He is also a festival favourite, gracing the stage at Wireless, Reading&Leeds Festival, and more. Back home, he is known for his regular headline shows at Shaka Zulu, KOKO Camden, and The Forum. 


You can keep up as DJ Teeshow drops the 50 tracks in his playlist this month by following All Nighter Studios (@allnighterstudios) and DJ Teeshow (@djteeshow) on socials.


What Can You Expect to Find on the Playlist?


DJ Teeshow’s mix honours the rich history of Black music from the UK and worldwide. Among the 50 tracks, you can find hip-hop, soul, and R&B classics and a fine selection of contemporary bangers. Each track will serve as a remembrance of the profound impact Black artists have had and continue to have on music around the world.


The playlist is sure to be soul-stirring and a reflection on the resilience and creativity of the Black community in the face of the ongoing struggle for equality. It gives everyone in the All Nighter Studios community and beyond the opportunity to unite around music and be inspired.


What is Black History Month?


October is the month when people worldwide celebrate and remember Black people throughout history, recognising that Black stories are too often excluded from mainstream historical narratives.


Black History Month first emerged in the 1970s at Kent State University in the US, and it took just six years for universities nationwide to begin recognising the event. Now, it has a global presence around the world, having first been celebrated in the UK in 1987.


This year’s Black History Month has been named “Saluting Our Sisters”, aiming to highlight the Black women who have been trailblazers in their communities. As such, we can expect DJ Teeshow’s playlist to have a focus on female artists. Moreover, if you head to Black History Month events in your community, you can expect that they will tell thought-provoking stories about Black women from your part of the world.


Celebrating Black History Month at All Nighter Studios


Our work with DJ Teeshow to create a playlist celebrating music created by the Black community kicks off our celebration of Black History Month. 


If you like what you hear and want to seize on this moment of inspiration to make your own music, come down to All Nighter Studios to create your record. Our self-service studio runs 24/7, making creativity affordable with DJ and Production rooms from just £6/hr.