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Choosing the Right Music Promoter as an Independent Artist in London

The modern music industry is a saturated market, and it can feel impossible to get your music heard in the right places. This is where strategic promotion, or pluggers, come in. They act as a bridge between your music and industry figures. They can help you get played on the radio, featured in the music press, and more.


However, hiring a plugger is a significant expense. You shouldn’t get a plugger if it is too much of a financial stretch. If you do decide you need a promoter’s help, you need to choose the right one. Read this article to find out what to look for when choosing a plugger.


Know Your Niche


Music PR isn’t a single industry but is divided across niches in the same way that the music industry is. The promoter will have appropriate contacts and knowledge within the niche that they specialise in.


To get the best results from your promoter, you need to make sure they are a good fit for the music you make and the audiences that you want to reach. It is also sensible to make sure they have worked with independent artists before.


Speak to Multiple Promoters


Every promoter will charge a different amount for the work that you want from them. Make sure to shop around and get multiple quotes so you can gain an understanding of the market rate.


Once you have the quotes, don’t just go for the cheapest option, as there may be reasons that the promoter is charging less than normal. Similarly, don’t buy into the hype of the high-end promoters. There is no point in putting yourself in a difficult financial situation just for a promoter. 


Ensure Compatibility


When your promoter is working on campaigns, you will have a lot of contact with them. You need to have compatible personalities and complete trust in your promoter. This will make you feel confident raising concerns with them, and they will better understand what you want from their work.


Within this strong communication, you should ask for written reports on a regular schedule. Reports help you see what work has been carried out on your behalf and track the impact.


Check Their Track Record


You don’t want to throw money away on a promoter that will not guarantee results. Before committing any money to a promoter, make sure that they have worked on successful campaigns for similar artists in the recent past. Getting attention for an unsigned artist like you is tough, so you will need to work with the best in the game.  


How Can All Nighter Studios Help?


Even the world’s best promoter won’t be able to help if you aren’t offering high-quality music that sounds great. A promoter can help you to achieve this by freeing up the time that you would normally spend trying to get your music heard. This will allow you to spend more time in the studio. 


A great choice for new artists is All Nighter Studios, a self-service studio open 24/7 so you can make music whenever you want. You can hire our production rooms for as little as £6/hr.