Essential Equipment for Your Home Music Studio in London

Every musician’s dream is to have their own music studio, converting a spare room in their house so they can record music whenever they want. Having your own studio brings you huge creative freedom, but you must procure a vast range of high-quality equipment to ensure you can produce music to a professional standard.


In this blog, we help you to get started by introducing you to essential equipment for your London home studio.




The first essential for any recording studio is a computer. Macs have long been popular for artists, but Windows and Linux devices are also appropriate so long as the device can run your chosen digital audio workstation (DAW) software.


A unique consideration for a recording studio computer is the fan volume. You don’t want it to be audible on any of your recordings, so choose one with a quiet fan.


Studio Monitors


Consumer speakers are designed for listening to music, not working on it, so they often cut out certain frequency ranges and boost others, such as the bass. Meanwhile, great studio monitors stay faithful to the original mix and are essential for helping you spot flaws. The same concept applies to your studio headphones, allowing you to scrutinise your mix in great detail.




Your studio microphone is essential for recording your voice and any acoustic instruments. When selecting one, you need to consider the type of music you want to make, your budget, and the recording quality that you want.


Audio Interface


Your audio interface connects your equipment to your PC so that you can record directly onto your computer. Audio interfaces are one of the most diverse types of equipment in the market, with a great range of capabilities available to you. Primarily, you will need to consider the type of gear that you want connected to your computer and the space on your deck you will have for the interface. 


Other Items


There are also several other essentials to consider, which include the following:


– Desk: artists often overlook the importance of choosing the right desk. Ensure you have space for your computer, monitors, and desktop instruments, such as a keyboard/synthesiser.

– Monitor stands: if you don’t want speakers on your desk, you will need stands. Make sure these can hold your speakers at ear level, won’t wobble, and will absorb unnecessary vibrations. 

– Chair: You want to be able to record and mix for as long as you want, so make sure you invest to get one that is comfortable enough.

Acoustic treatment: all rooms have background noise, which can ruin your mix. Acoustic treatment is a catch-all term for objects that dampen background noise.

– Cables: all studios need a considerable amount of cables to connect your gear. Ensure you have cables for every connection you want to make so your session isn’t interrupted.


All Nighter Studios


Creating a music studio at home is an expensive project that will easily run into the thousands. For this reason, only established musicians usually have their own studio space. While trying to get noticed on the scene, it is usually better to use a pre-existing music studio.


Using All Nighter Studios will give you the independent feeling of a private music studio while saving you a lot of money. Our studio is self-service and runs 24/7, meaning you can exercise your creativity whenever you want. Meanwhile, despite us having the latest recording and mixing technology, our studio space is affordable, and you can hire it for as little as £1.