Essential Etiquette in a Self-Service Music Studio

Following music studio etiquette is essential for all musicians. It makes the people you work with respect you, securing longer-lasting collaborations. Good etiquette also makes sure that the studio feels comfortable inviting you back. Etiquette is crucial at a self-service music studio like All Nighter Studios as it ensures the studio is ready to be used by the next artists. Read this article to learn about the essential points of etiquette you need to follow when visiting a music studio.


Inviting Friends


It is common to want your friends to join you when you perform at a music studio. It can be great to get support to perform at your best. However, they can be a distraction for the other people that you are working with. It is sensible to check with the other artists performing at your session first, especially if you are already someone’s guest.

Come Prepared


Collaboration can be immensely rewarding, allowing you to take your music into new areas and introduce yourself to a different audience. However, the excitement of this process can quickly turn into frustration if somebody has not prepared enough. Make sure you learn the music inside out before you arrive so you don’t have to be the person everyone is waiting for.


Be Respectful to Everyone

When people come to a music studio, they want to be built up so they are in the right headspace to perform. But being disrespected by someone else can throw an artist off their game and ruin their session. 

Whether you bump into your favourite artist or someone you have never heard of while at All Nighter Studios, make sure you are friendly and respectful. Who knows, they might even be your next collaborator.


Keep Doors in the Studio Closed

Music studios can get noisy, but they are always soundproofed to make sure that the neighbours don’t get disturbed by the noise. However, this soundproofing won’t work if you leave the doors open on a hot day. All good music studios will have air conditioning to keep you comfortable during your session, so there is no reason to break this important point of etiquette.


Leave the Room As You Found It

Self-service studios are unique because of the amount of independence you get as an artist. But this independence comes with additional responsibilities as you need to make sure that the studio is ready for the next artist to use it. This means dealing with any rubbish, wiping down surfaces, and putting everything back where you found it.

Great Experiences at Self-Service Music Studios

Self-service music studios make recording and rehearsal spaces accessible to all artists. However, it is a delicate system that relies on everyone closely following studio etiquette. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team at All Nighter Studios or read our Rules page.