Getting A Record Deal as an Independent Artist in London

Signing a record deal used to be the most important thing for independent artists. Now, many choose to remain independent because they can release the music themselves. However, getting a record deal is still crucial for many musicians, helping you expand your profile, get bigger shows, and earn more.

The guide below introduces you to the steps you need to be taking that will help you get a record deal and how All Nighter Studios can help. 

Solidify your Sound

To get a record deal, you need to stand out from the pack. Think about what you offer that is new and exciting, and create high-quality tracks that capture your essence. These tracks can form a demo that showcases what you are all about. 

These tracks should be recorded to a high quality. In the past, it was acceptable for bands to record tracks in their garage because studio space was not accessible. However, the emergence of self-service studios charging more affordable prices means that getting the tracks to a high standard is now expected. 

Get Connections in the Industry

A&R representatives will pay greater attention to your demo landing on their desks if you are a recognisable name. Having industry connections can make sure you grab their attention.

It is a great idea to go to industry events in London to get more contacts and spread the buzz about your work. Cultivating a social media following is another great way to grow your personal brand and capture industry attention.

Establish a Fanbase

If you can generate organic buzz around you, you can become a low-risk investment for a record label. A strong fanbase shows that there is a dedicated market for your work, and success is likely. 

Lots of this work is done on social media, which is a chance to spread your music and interact with your fans directly. However, the importance of live music cannot be overstated, as it shows your fanbase is committed to you. Selling out live shows and regularly appearing at your local venue are great launching points. 

Get Feedback

If you start sending music to A&R representatives, you only have one chance to make the right impression. Any music you send over has to be polished to perfection and a great representation of what you are offering. Feedback from other artists is a great way to bring your work to the highest order.

However, remember not all feedback is good feedback. Try to connect with people who are further along their musical journey than you and have the awareness to know when to stick to your guns. 

How Can All Nighter Studios Help?

Whatever strategy you choose to secure a record deal, you need to approach your fans and record companies with high-quality music that you are proud to share. Music studios are the best place to record and mix your tracks, coming with the latest equipment and delivering a creative atmosphere that you can thrive in.

Many up-and-coming artists choose All Nighter Studios, the greatest self-service, 24/7 music studio in London. Our production rooms cost from £6 per hour, making us the affordable option for any artist. Despite this highly competitive price, we’ve gone all out to deliver the latest professional standard equipment.