A person holds a phone with the TikTok opening screen on it

Getting Noticed on TikTok as a New Musician in London

The seismic growth of TikTok over the last few years has been unignorable, reaching over 1 billion users worldwide for the first time recently. This is a tremendous opportunity to get global attention for your music while also connecting to users in London. However, everyone is a creator and a user on TikTok. Whenever you post, you will be competing with hundreds of millions of other videos.


The following blog helps you to compete in this chaotic environment, helping to grow your fanbase at home and abroad.


Become a User


TikTok could be the most unique social media platform. Its trends are constantly changing with new viral videos emerging all the time. Your content is unlikely to get substantial traction unless you can tailor it to the most recent trends, while also creating something unique. Before you start posting, you need to become an avid user who is aware of what will appeal to the community you are targeting. 


Create Trends


Making videos that follow pre-established trends isn’t the only way to gain notoriety on TikTok. You can become important in your community if you create trends or challenges that others want to follow. 


Great TikTok trends need to be easy to join, memorable and leave room for interpretation. However, they also need to be launched by an entertaining first video from yourself. 


Think About Your Customer Journey.


The customer journey is important in any kind of marketing. This is the process your potential fans follow, from first encountering your music to becoming a committed listener and going to your shows. You don’t want to have a track go viral on TikTok only for people to immediately forget you. Instead, your work on TikTok should be part of a wider marketing strategy. 


There are two main ways to get TikTok users off of the platform and onto your work. The first is the song page which is attached to your track when it is officially distributed to Spotify. Make sure that it includes a link to your track on streaming services. The other is a verified TikTok account. Here, users can catch up with your other TikTok content and can follow links to your work on other platforms. 


Make Your Music Available for Other Users


TikTok provides a great opportunity for musicians. Other users can attach your music to their videos. This helps your music to spread without you having to do any extra work.


However, not all music automatically ends up on TikTok as it is given to the platform via your digital distributor. Not all digital distributors work with the platform so make sure you choose one that does.


Creating Content at All Nighter Studios


Creating TikTok content while you are recording new music is the perfect way to give your fans a view behind the curtain. It also showcases your personality to people who are encountering your music for the first time. You are welcome to create social media content while you are working in our studio, the perfect place to capture your 15-second TikTok moment.


We have three types of production rooms available that will be perfect for creating TikTok content. These range from £6-10 per hour.