How social media can help creatives?

There are no second thoughts when it comes to questioning if social media can help you to achieve your goals.

And especially as a creative, social media can open many doors, doors that you haven’t heard about before…in other words, be ready for some miracles!

Here are some tips for you to dig into the world of virtual manifestation:


1. It is a freedom of expression!

Yes, you don’t need anyone’s permission to express yourself on social media! If you are an aspiring singer, you show the best from your music, show your personality and things that inspire you. If you are a podcaster, no one from above will demand you to talk about that particular topic you actually don’t enjoy chatting about. No, you choose your own topics (of course if you want to, and it’s absolutely amazing if you have some kind of help for your project or brand). But if you are on your own, you are your own boss and you make decisions and your artistic choices!

You can be as creative as you want to be, you can be you and shine your best light on your own terms!



2. You can reach billions of people!

There are more than 3 billion people today using social media platforms, it’s a number that has never been possible to reach before, now it’s open to every single human being who has access to a smartphone and uses some of the top platforms to reach thousands of people, just to name some of them: Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and many more.

Never-ending world of networking, how amazing is that?!



3. You can monetise your platforms!

Yes, and of course, if you are your own boss and you are doing your best to show the best side of your craft, and if you keep growing and reaching more and more people, guess what? You can monetise your platforms and earn living from things you like to do the most!

Social Media is not anymore just a little “Say Hi” to friend groups with a selfie from your Holidays! Social Media is a whole industry now and with the right marketing strategy, you can become not only an artist but also a business owner!

(PS, follow us and read our next blog on how to make money on social media #comingsoon).



4. Get the greatest contacts from all over the world!


A great reminder is that Social media is for socialising. You can gain a lot and share a lot, and with a great attitude and vision, you can get some financial growth. But at the end of the game, Social media is made for us to network, engage with each other and create communities! So stay open, and you might go to make a lifetime of friends!


5. Learn from the best!

And the best for the last: You can take a course, a masterclass, or attend a lecture from all over the world, there are platforms like www.skillshare.com, and www.udemy.com where you can get some pretty epic courses and become the best version of yourself in a speed of the light, or learn from the top world’s leaders on www.masterclass.com and become the next Kris Jenner or Richard Branson.

Needless to say that YouTube has become our second School Of Life too, and if you want to learn how to create the most amazing videos in just 15 seconds, go to TikTok straight away!

But as an artist you can also share your skills and make some decent money from it:

www.fiverr.com, www.upwork.com, www.bark.com.

Show people how to produce music, how to write it, what are the best ways to write lyrics, how to record a podcast, or how to make money from the podcasting… or how to paint, how to draw, how to be a mega-successful influencer, you can do it all today, a couple clicks away!

All you need is a good dedication to work and create! So use social media, not for your time waste, but use it wisely and create communities, reach people all over the world, share your skills and start to make some money from it!