How to Make the Most of your Time in a London Music Studio

Paying for studio time is a considerable expense for independent musicians. You might spend up to £500 for a full-day hire or £20-70 if you hire by the hour. There is no point spending all this hard-earned cash if you waste your time in the studio. 


Today, we help you to make the most of your time in a London music studio and show how All Nighter Studios can help you to get more done on a budget. 


Come Ready 


Artists waste time and money making mistakes while they are recording tracks. These mistakes can also create tension between collaborating artists and kill creative opportunities. These problems need to be ironed out before you come into the studio so that you can hit the ground running. 


But preparation isn’t just about knowing your songs inside out. You might complete a run-through and decide that there are just a few bars that need redoing. It will save you even more time if you are confident coming into the track at any part of it, so you can hone in on the section you want to re-record.


Rehearsing properly before your studio time can be difficult if you don’t have access to somewhere you can rehearse. All Nighter Studios, a short walk from West Silverton station, can help you to prepare for your studio time. We have rehearsal spaces available for just £1. 


Set Reasonable Expectations 


Finally, getting into the studio is exciting. It is your chance to make your mark in the industry. You might be tempted to try and record as much as possible. However, making multiple sub-par tracks with weak production and performance isn’t impress anyone. 


Instead, you should choose just one or two tracks you know are perfect. This will allow you to perform at your best and come away with something that will speak to your listeners. 


Get Ready to Perform 


Everyone works best when they are well-rested and have had plenty to eat and drink. Musicians and podcasters are no different, and you will play way cleaner if you are fresh and energised. 


Get at least seven hours of sleep before your studio session, and ensure you have eaten beforehand. It would also help to stay hydrated by bringing water into the studio. 


Remove Distractions 


We are rarely away from our phones, but spending studio time on social media can quickly use up the creative space you have carved for yourself. Some artists choose to leave their phones switched off while in the studio. However, you might need it to read your lyrics. Switch it onto airplane mode to ensure notifications don’t get in the way. 


If you are performing with other artists, you need to be aware of potential ways that you can distract each other. Make sure you quash any tensions between you so that arguments don’t break out while you are recording. 


Choosing your London Studio


Now that you have raised the money to spend time in the studio, it is time to choose which London studio is right for you. There are an overwhelming number of options in the city that charge different amounts and offer different equipment. You need to choose a studio that will give you access to great equipment without breaking the bank. 


All Nighter Studios is a great place to start your search. We offer production, DJ, and podcast spaces with professional quality equipment at an unmatched price. What’s more, we are open 24/7, meaning you can jump in the studio whenever a creative energy finds you. Studio