Producing Home Recordings in a Self-Service Music Studio​

Up-and-coming artists from all over London like to record their new tracks at home. This is a more affordable and accessible environment than a professional music studio. However, you will miss out on adding the cutting-edge to your track’s finishing touches, which could limit its reach. 


This article helps you understand why you need a studio to convert your home recordings into a finished product and introduces All Nighter Studios as a fantastic, affordable option.


Hear Every Element of Your Track


Even if you have top-quality audio equipment at home, you will still struggle to pick up the fine nuances to your work. This is because consumer-focused headphones and speakers alter the sound to make for a more pleasant listening experience. You will struggle to make great tracks under these conditions because you won’t be able to fine-tune every aspect of your sound.


Meanwhile, All Nighter Studios helps you to leave no stone unturned when you work on the track because all our production rooms are equipped with professional quality listening equipment. We use Focal Alpha 80 and Yamaha HS8 monitors and Beyer-dy-namic DT-770{rpp 80 headphones. Furthermore, all our rooms have great acoustics so you can enjoy the sound in the best environment.


Mastering to Perfection


Another great benefit of producing in a music studio is the final stage of audio post-production: mastering. Here, you will create a balanced and optimised mix that sounds stunning. This will be far easier in a professional studio because you can use the best quality software on powerful computers that can render complex sounds immediately.


It is a great idea to master over more than one session. You are free to take away a WAV file of your first draft so that you can listen to it once you feel refreshed after an intense mastering session. 


Networking Opportunities


If you only ever make music at home, you’ll find it very difficult to find like-minded musicians. Meanwhile, studios are full of talented people that you can share your music with. The people you meet can give you tips and their thoughts so you can break through any barriers during the creative process.


Producing in the studio is also a great way to find people with sounds that will complement yours. The rapper, DJ, or musician in the next production room could be your next collaboration.


Producing at All Nighter Studios


As a bedroom artist, your main priority is value for money, which will make most production spaces well out of reach for your budget. As a self-service studio open 24 hours a day, All Nighter Studios offers an affordable alternative.


Our production rooms, costing from £6 per hour, are equipped with professional quality equipment and software. Moreover, you will be surrounded by other creatives, so your mixing session can become a great opportunity for networking.