A silhouetted man holds a video camera.

Recording Videos at All Nighter Studios

Online video consumption has swelled dramatically in recent years with the emergence of new platforms like TikTok and the continued growth of Instagram. It is becoming increasingly common for audiences to find new music and follow their favourite artists by watching videos on such platforms. 


Recording video at All Nighter Studios is a great way to showcase your work and give your fans a look behind the scenes. Read this article for all our tips to create great video content at our studio.




You won’t get great content for Instagram on TikTok simply by recording random parts of your rehearsal or recording process and mashing them together. Instead, you should come with a creative vision, thinking about what you want your video to do or show. For example, if you have a new track coming out, you could use a video to tease part of it. Alternatively, you could upload a video that shows the personality of your bandmates.


Pick Your Shots


If you are filming your performances in the studio, your shots and camera angles should be dynamic and exciting, including close up, medium, and wide angle shots. You can also use colour changes and other visual effects to reflect shifts in the tracks, but don’t go over the top so that they distract from the music. 


Alternatively, you might decide to go for a vlog-style video. In this case, your camera angles should be wider and simpler. Aim to capture your bandmates’ personality and the chemistry between you all. 


Deciding if you Need a Videographer


Most new artists and bands simply record and edit their footage for social media on their iPhones. However, only so far will your creative instincts take you. Hiring a videographer will mean you can use better equipment, and they will also provide great advice on how you can make your video stand out. 


However, videographers are expensive. The costs will usually outweigh the benefits if you are a new artist that doesn’t have the reach to justify such expense. 


Don’t Disrupt Other Artists


Most music studios will love the fact you are recording videos in their studio. After all, it is great publicity for them too. However, you need to make sure that any filming you do doesn’t disrupt the creative work of the other artists.


The best way to do this is to keep the videoing inside the studio space that you have hired. If you are unsure if what you have planned will disrupt other artists, it’s always best to ask someone working at the studio first. 


Picking the Right Studio Location


Now that you have planned your video, selected professional support if necessary…. You are ready to choose your filming location. There are plenty of iconic places to film videos in London. Filming at your favourite music studio is fantastic for allowing your audiences a peek behind the curtain and to get excited about your creative purpose.


All Nighter Studios is a popular place to film for up-and-coming artists. We are a 24/7 self service music studio that offers studio space from as little as £7.50/hour. When you upload content from All Nighter Studios, make sure to tag us so we can feature your work on our socials feed.