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The Best AI Tools to Get Ahead of the Game as a London Music Producer

London is one of the world’s most competitive cities for music in the world. Whatever your genre, there will be hundreds of other new artists trying to get ahead of you.


Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are a way that you can get ahead by helping you to compose music, produce tracks, and be more productive. Read this blog post to discover the most exciting new AI music tools that can help you to be a trailblazer in London. 




As your mixes get more complicated, it is easy to get lost in the track and not be able to work out where unwanted elements are originating from. This can lead to background noise, clicks and pops remaining in your final mix.


LALAL.AI helps you to clean up your track by extracting the individual layers of your audio files. This gives you a new flexibility to define exactly what will be in your final track.


Magenta Studio


AI tools can also help you to produce something completely new. Magenta Studio is a collection of plugins built by Google that can be used as a standalone or added to your favourite digital workstation.


With Magenta, you feed in a simple melody or riff, and the plugin creates a fully composed instrumental piece. You can then either pull out elements of the instrumental for your final track or use it as inspiration during your creative process.




“Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist” helps you to tap into the emotional elements of music. This versatile tool allows you to input a track you have already created. You can then specify the emotions that you want to evoke. AIVA will then edit the track accordingly, helping you to think about how your music can better resonate with your audience’s emotions. 


Orb Producer Suite 3


Orb Producer Suite 3 is another plugin that can help you to be more creative. It works in a similar way to Magenta, but it produces individual melodies, baselines, and wavetable synthesizer sounds rather than a whole instrumental.


The strength of Orb Producer Suite 3 is that it helps you to produce completely unique sounds and patterns, incorporating them into your track with ease. The days of endlessly experimenting with a synthesizer to find the right sound could now be gone. 




The final AI tool on our list combines AI chatbot features with music making technology. In this tool, you can write text prompts about the music that you are trying to make. WavTool will then use your prompt to create unique music while also giving you fresh creative suggestions. 


Another great aspect of this tool is that there is a free version which allows you to provide a set amount of prompts each day. This is a great way for you to discover if AI music production tools are right for you.


How All Nighter Studios Can Help


AI music production tools are still in their embryonic stages. They supplement your work as a human artist rather than replacing you and are certainly not a cheat code to becoming a great producer.. To make great tunes, you still need high quality recordings and a great space to perfect your tracks.


All Nighter Studios offers this service to new producers at an affordable price. We offer DJ and production studios in our 24/7 self-service facility from as little as £6 per hour