What Should I Bring to a Recording Session at a London Music Studio

Everyone’s first time in a recording studio will be one of the most exciting experiences of their music careers. It is important that you are as relaxed as possible to perform at your best, so make sure that you remember everything on this list when you first visit All Nighter Studios.




The first thing to remember is the most obvious: instruments. Recording studios cannot usually provide instruments, so you must bring your own. Ensure you bring any cables you might need and tune your instruments before you arrive to save time. 


Experienced artists might select specific instruments for a recording to get the sound they want. However, as a beginner musician in London, bringing instruments you already have might be better. This will save you money and make you more comfortable playing them. 


Sheet Music and Lyrics


You will not have time to refine your tracks in a music studio. Make sure that the music and lyrics have reached their final form and you are ready to go. Don’t leave nailing these down up to your memory. It is much better to bring detailed sheet music and precise lyrics so that you are ready to perform. 


A Mobile Phone or Camera


Building a social media presence as an up-and-coming artist is increasingly important. This allows you to nurture a base of loyal fans who will consistently come to your shows. 


Recording footage for your social media is a great way to tease new tracks. When you upload it, tag All Nighter Studios so we can include you in our social media feed. 


However, if you bring a mobile phone, ensure it is on mute. You don’t want to waste your valuable studio time answering calls. 


A Laptop and USB Stick 


Once you have completed your track, you need to take it away with you so that you can start promoting it. It is essential to bring a USB stick with plenty of space to upload the track onto once you are done. You can also regularly back up your work onto the USB stick so that you don’t lose anything if something goes wrong. 


A laptop is also essential if you want to work on your track from a familiar device. Mixing and mastering the track might be easier on the operating system you use every day rather than on the computers provided by the studio. 


What All Nighter Studios Provides for You


 For as little as £1 an hour, All Nighter Studios gives you access to state-of-the-art recording studios to finally get that track nailed down. We help by providing a lot of what other studios might expect you to bring, including fantastic recording equipment, soundcards, and drinks and snacks from our vending machines so you won’t get hungry or thirsty while you work. All of this comes on a pay-as-you-go basis without signup fees or contracts. You can find us on North Woolwich Road, a short walk from West Silvertown station. Book your session today on our website.