A man wearing a beanie hat sits in front of a computer with music production software displayed.

Why Quality Mastering Matters for London Music Producers

You’ve worked hard to record and mix a great track that you are sure your fans will love. However, there is still one more piece in the puzzle to bring your work up to a professional standard: mastering. This is the process of using tools like equalisation, compression, limiting, and stereo enhancement to ensure you have a balanced sound that will work across all systems.


Read this blog to discover why mastering matters and how All Nighter Studios provides a great platform to perfect your tracks.


Getting Loudness Right


You want your track to sound huge, packing an unforgettable punch. However, most people will be listening on a small speaker at home or in their car. A well-mastered track achieves this without having certain sounds clipped because they exceed the capabilities of small speakers.


A more basic but equally essential side of volume mastering is ensuring your track’s loudness matches your other music and that of different tracks on your chosen streaming library.


Ironing Out Issues


The mastering process is your final opportunity to correct imperfections in your track. If your audience hears harsh frequencies, low-end rumble, and excessive sibilance in your track, they might have an unpleasant listening experience and won’t want to listen to your music again. Meanwhile, a well-mastered track makes the perfect first impression and will help you to find new listeners. 


Streaming Platforms Have High Standards


Streaming platforms are open to accepting all kinds of music. However, they must achieve certain quality and professionalism standards in terms of artwork, metadata, and sound. 


Therefore, mastering a track properly gives you access to a global audience via streaming platforms. Meanwhile, even the best-written tracks will stay in your bedroom if they aren’t mastered well. 


Bringing in Other Ears


By the time you come to mastering your track, you might have listened to it hundreds of times. In doing so, you become too close to it and might struggle to pick up any remaining issues.


Mastering is the perfect time to bring in other people who can listen to the track for the first time and give you invaluable feedback. Some artists will hire a sound engineer to help with the mastering, but advice from musician friends can be just as helpful if you can’t afford professional support.


Completing Your Creative Process


Mastering is your final chance to sculpt your track into something that reflects your sound and will impress your fans. It is an essential part of the creative process, not something to get out of the way. 


Mastering is your chance to finalise your track’s style and identity. Will it be warm, dynamic, and smooth, or loud and hard-hitting?


How All Nighter Studios Can Help


As you have seen, mastering is incredibly important. It is vital not to rush this crucial final stage of the music production process. Mastering can get expensive if you are doing it in a conventional music studio. On the other hand, All Nighter Studios is an affordable, 24/7 self-service music studio. You can master your track in our professional standard production room for just £7.50 per hour.