Your Guide to Getting Noticed on Instagram

Instagram is the ideal platform for musicians hoping to build a following in London. It has a strong share of young users, with 30.8% of its users being 18 and 24 years old. However, it is also a saturated market, and attracting these would-be gig-goers is not easy. Read this blog post to learn more about how you can develop a loyal Instagram following.


Upload Meaningful, High-Quality Content


It is tempting for new artists to upload as much content as possible, but quality is always better than quantity. A professional photoshoot may be worth the investment to give a polished and professional impression to people finding your account for the first time.


For many new artists, this will be much too expensive. Instead, you could choose a carefully curated selection of your best clips from rehearsals, recording sessions, or gigs. Whichever content you choose to upload, consistency is hugely important. Otherwise, your audience won’t be able to get an impression of who you are as a musician. 


Keep Your Story Updated


Great posts can attract your audience, but how will you keep them interested? Stories give your audience a window into your life as a musician and are a chance to show your personality. It is a great way to tease what you are working on to build hype or show how good the atmosphere gets at your gigs.


You can also feature other posts or stories about you in your story. Loads of artists include audience-shot footage from their gigs on their story, which can help develop your community. 


Choose Hashtags Wisely


Hashtags are your best tool to find a new audience. If someone searches for a hashtag, there is a good chance they will come across your post and want to look further. 


The best way to choose your hashtags is to look at what other artists like you are doing on Instagram. If you notice particular accounts are smashing it with certain hashtags, you should think about borrowing those for your own posts. When doing this, make sure you always select options that are relevant to your posts, as people normally scroll by content that isn’t what they are looking for. 


Include Links in Your Bio


With a popular and high-quality Instagram profile, people will soon be curious about where they can find more of your work. However, you don’t have much room in your bio, so there is no point posting several links.


Over 40 million people currently use linktr.ee. This allows you to group multiple links under one link, which won’t take up as much room on your bio. It is a great idea to use these links to help your Instagram following find your music, other social media accounts, and the gigs that you will be playing in London.


How Can All Nighter Studios Help?


We are constantly working to help our artists to succeed, and we love to feature them across our social media so that they can benefit from our social media following. When you head into All Nighter Studios, make sure to tag us in any content you make.